B i o g r a p h y

Linda Mak is an Australian born singer/songwriter who has been singing since age 5. She is currently making her debut into the pop music scene with her single “Come Up for Air”. 

Linda’s talent was inspired by her mum at a very young age, who had a beautiful singing voice.

Throughout her schooling years, Linda was involved in everything and anything musical but also had a love for writing and philosophy.

As an adult, Linda’s musical journey has included singing at weddings, lead singer for various bands and lead roles in local musical theatre.

Linda’s voice is pure yet powerful; her projection and delivery is bold but sweet- she touches everyone who listens. She describes her songs as creative outbursts warranting a listen and play. 

Linda is currently writing her own music in collaboration with Hit Music Producers Inc, and working towards writing her first album. She is passionate about sharing real, raw and meaningful messages through her music. 

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